Tactical Pistolcraft

Our Tactical Pistolcraft firearms training program is a series of courses open to both semi-automatic pistols and revolvers.
A variety of stress techniques necessary for the administrative and sustained operation of the pistol as well as the concept of Tactical Firearm Safety, Sight Applications and Target Zoning at Close-Quarter-Battle distances. Integrated into this process are several tactical skills including Situational Awareness and Evasive Movement. While no formal pistol training is required for this course, even the most experienced shooter will benefit from this fresh approach to the defensive use of the handgun.
1-Day / 250-rnds* ammo / Tuition = $149.00
For those who have had prior documented formal pistol training, including completion of our #110 class. Using the same integrative techniques of our #110 course, we now add to the participants list of skills the Draw Stroke / Presentation, including from a concealed carry mode, while adding Stress Reloading, Malfunction Drills, Multiple Targets at varying angles and distances, Alternative Shooting Positions, Dynamic Movement and Stealth Cover Tactics.
2-Days / 750-rnds* ammo / Tuition = $275.00

This is our basic TG-120-Intermediate Handgun Course but adjusted to meet the requirements of the Licensed CCW Carrier.

All work in this course is from a concealed position. This course is a must as a confidence builder for those who seriously carry concealed, so the operator will be proficient in both defusing a potentially lethal force situation, or responding to lethal force.

Once you have completed a #120 course you can graduate to both Pistolcraft-130 and Pistolcraft-140.

Expand your abilities even further by adding Ambidextrous Operation, Third Party Management, Team Drills, Moving C-Q-B, Less-Than-Ideal Shooting Positions, Moving Targets, Multi-Directional Dynamic Movement and Interior / Exterior Structural Applications. 2-Days / 750-rnds* ammo / Tuition = $325.00
A 5-hour session in Reduced Light Shooting which recreates many of the exercises from 120 under varying ambient and artificial lighting conditions. Including the use of flashlights. Additionally this course uses a simple but effective projected decisional shooting system, critical in training you to make the necessary “shoot / don’t shoot” decision. A unique opportunity in itself.
1-Evening / 250-rnds* ammo / Tuition = $125.00

This course is based on our Basic TG-140-Low light Class and then we add scenarios that relate to the Licensed CCW person.

For those of you more open to mid-week courses. Taking the components of our #110, #120 and #140 courses, we apply them to a 3-day format.
By Special Arrangement only.
This course is sanctioned by numerous County Sheriff’s Offices for the concealed carry of handguns. We will be conducting this training on a monthly basis and private classes can be arranged. The course is taught by Current and Retired Police Officers with outstanding qualifications. The material covered will include: laws, responsibilities, ethical considerations, firearms training and qualification as mandated by law. The weapon you intend to use on the permit must be used during the course. You may list up to three handguns per permit and must qualify with each during the course. Cost covers the course handouts, & book (including tax). This course does not guarantee a CCW permit 2 Days - 250 Rounds - Cost $169.00, including handouts, book and tax.
TG-LC Ladies Handgun Course
This course is just for women. The TG-LC Ladies Course is dedicated to training women in the fundamentals of safe gun handling. Topics include:
• Handgun Safety on the range and in the home.
• How to select a handgun
• Transportation and Storage of firearms
• Stance, grip, sighting (alignment & picture) and trigger control
Students will fire approximately 200 rounds of ammunition on various types of targets under the guidance of our Law Enforcement Certified Instructors. Completion of this course prepares ladies for the TG-110 course
1-Day / 200-rnds* ammo / Tuition = $85.00
TG-LC Less Lethal Options (Day 2)

We instruct our students on proper use and handling of a defensive handgun, chemical irritants (i.e.: pepper spray. We also discuss Pros and Cons of other alternate defensive weapons such as Stun Guns, Tasers and Flashlights. We then discuss some very basic defensive self defense techniques.

The Less Lethal Options (Day 2) will extend the curriculum and the student will receive information on the following subject matter:

  • Stalking and Stalking Laws

  • Restraining orders

  • Chemical irritants (Pepper Spray) Pros and Cons

  • Stun Guns. Pros and Cons

  • Tasers. Pros and  Cons

  • Situational awareness

  • Escape techniques.

  • Avoiding a threat.

We utilize a proactive approach to prevention before the attack. The information in this class is based on input and experiences from our staff of former Law Enforcement Instructors this makes this one of our most desirable classes.

Equipment / Ammo Requirements:
*Amount actually shot will depend on course flow and may vary. You will need a handgun and 3-magazines or 2-speedloaders. We have handguns for use free with purchase of ammo from Top-Gun. No holster or support equipment is needed for #110. For all others a belt mounted holster is needed along with other support equipment. We have hearing and eye protection however, we do recommend elbow and knee
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