Integrative Firearms Training in Southern California

Integrative Firearms Training
Each of our firearms training courses are designed to progressively build your knowledge, skills and abilities in the operational functions and tactical application of the particular weapon system. All of our programs apply techniques and topics gleaned from many sources. We take a layered approach to developing the participants Combat Triad, their mindset, their personal fortitude and tactical wisdom. We want you to be winner’s, not merely survivors. By series end you will have been thoroughly trained in the following areas:

Weapon Orientation & Administrative Functions Shoot / Don’t Shoot Targets
Tactical Firearm Safety Decisional Drills
Stress Techniques for Deployment & Operation Moving C-Q-B
Combat Targeting & Zoning Ambidextrous Operation
Malfunction / Stoppage Reduction Entry & Search Techniques
Sustained Fire / Select Loading Techniques Moving Targets
Close-Quarter-Battle Extended Range Applications
Multiple Targets at Varying Angles & Distances Survival Stress Effects & Management
Evasive & Dynamic Movement Rules of Survival & Laws of Combat
Stealth Cover Tactics The Combat Mindset & Warrior's Edge
Alternative Shooting Positions Strategic & Tactical Theory
The Legal / Moral / Ethical Aspects of Deadly Force Rules of Engagement

In addition to our standard courses, we provide specialized training for law enforcement, correctional and security agencies. These programs are specifically designed to meet the particular client’s individual need and mission objective.

For security officers, private investigators, CCW-holders or others needing state licensed firearm qualification services we provide basic training and bi-annual or quarterly qualification testing on an on-going basis.

Our tuitions are the best in the country and our lesson structure is truly unique. In our 37-years we have had over 8,000 students from all over America as well as Europe, South America, Asia, Japan and Australia.

We do everything possible to bring the “street to the range” in both as dynamic and entertaining fashion as we can. For us “to teach is to learn” and we are confident that you will find your experience at Top Gun Training Centre a rewarding one.
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