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Welcome to Top Gun! We have been conducting “real world firearms training” since 1983. Our advanced technique of Integrative Firearms Training © will enable you to effectively and efficiently operate your firearm when under survival stress.

Our courses are far more then just “shooting classes”. Each is a carefully researched curriculum designed to produce “winners”, not merely survivors.

Our programs are not “combat games”. It is a training doctrine which focuses equally on developing the participants Gun Safety & Gun Handling Skills, Marksmanship Skills, Tactical Firearms and Warrior Spirit.

Our firearms training courses are not just for armed professionals or even so called firearm enthusiasts. They are designed for ordinary people who want to be able to safely and efficiently operate their firearm and then effectively defend themselves with it. View our video testimonials to hear what previous students of our firearm classes have to say.

Location and Courses Offered at Top Gun Training Centre

Top Gun is located on the grounds of the West End Gun Club off the 15-fwy in the Lytle Creek area of San Bernardino. Located in the Inland Empire, we are freeway close to all of Southern California and minutes from the Ontario International Airport, Riverside County, Orange County and Los Angeles County.

We have a series of standard courses in Pistol, Shotgun and Rifle and have produced numerous specialized and/or mobile programs for law enforcement, corrections, security agencies and the gaming industry.

Complete information on our standard courses, including descriptions, dates, tuitions, photo gallery and logistical information is contained in this web site. For additional information please feel free to contact us through our online contact form or direct your inquiries to our mailing address listed below.

Thank you for your inquiry and we hope to see you at
Top Gun Firearms Training Centre!
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