Patrol Rifle Training

This course is best understood when we clearly define what a Patrol Rifle is. First and foremost it is a semi-automatic, fed with a box magazine. Second it fires a medium powered cartridge or a handgun like round, (carbine). Third its barrel does not exceed 18-inches and is usually much shorter and last it is not equipped with any type of optical aiming device, (scope). If your rifle fits into that general description then it is suitable for patrol duty and personal protection. The most common rifles we see in the course are the Ruger Mini-14’s, and Patrol Rifles, M-16 / AR-15, US30calM1, types.
In these courses we apply the same Integrative Firearms Training© philosophy that we apply in our Pistolcraft and Tactical Shotgun programs. In fact these courses exactly mirror the curriculum of the Shotgun courses, we are just simply applying it to the rifle. Loaner guns are available for use at no extra charge.
Patrol Rifle-310
Covers all aspects in the selection and operational characteristics and introduces a variety of techniques necessary for the operation of the rifle under survival stress conditions. Also covered in this course are Sight Adjustment and Applications, Target Zoning and Trajectories at close and medium range distances, Carry & Deployment Positions and Stress Reloading. Integrated into this process are several tactical skills including Situational Awareness and Evasive Movement. No prior formal training is required for this course.
1-Day / 200-rnds. Rifle* / Tuition = $150.00
Patrol Rifle-320
For those who have had prior documented rifle training, such as completion of a Military or Police Academy program and/or our Rifle-310 classes. In the #320 course we add Close-Quarter-Battle, Extended Range Applications, Malfunction Drills, Multiple Targets at varying angles and distances, Alternative Shooting Positions, Dynamic Movement, Handgun Integration Drills and Stealth Cover Tactics. NOTE: you will need your personal handgun and support equipment if you wish to participate in the handgun transition drills.
2-Day / 500-rnds. Rifle, 50-rnds Pistol.* / Tuition = $275.00 - By Special Arrangement
Patrol Rifle-330
A mid-week courses, held Tuesday through Thursday, scheduled once per calendar quarter. In this course we add the components of Moving Targets, Interior / Exterior Structural Applications and Moving C-Q-B to the standard #310 and #320 curriculum.
By Special Arrangement only.
Equipment / Ammo Requirements
*Amount actually shot will depend on course flow and may vary. We have hearing and eye protection however, we do recommend elbow and knee protectors.
7/27/2024 - 7/27/2024
10/27/2024 - 10/27/2024
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