Directions & Course Requirements

At Top-Gun you will experience one of the most unique firearm training programs in America. Listed here you will find directions and other information on the required and recommended equipment, clothing and/or other items. Upon arrival you will be required to complete a Registration & Liability Waiver.
Top-Gun is located on the grounds of the West End Gun Club:
  • Take interstate #15, as if going to Vegas
  • Exit at Sierra Avenue, (approximately 10 miles north of #10 and #15 interchange)
  • Turn left and go approximately 1-mile.
  • Turn right at the “West End/Top-Gun” sign, follow road. It leads you directly into the West End range.
  • Approximate 50-yards after entering the West End gate you will see Top-Gun on the left hand side.
  • Park in the area to the right just before the bridge.
All day classes start at 9:00 am and end at approximately 4:30pm, based on class flow. Reduced light sessions start at 4:30pm and end at approximately 9:30pm. Please arrive approximately 1/2 hour before class time.

No food service or potable water is available on grounds. Such lunch or snack items and non-alcoholic refreshments must be brought with you. There is a gas B-B-Q for your use and lunch periods are used for discussion, questions and student interaction.

Sturdy clothing can contribute greatly to your experience. We are an outdoor facility, subject to the conditions of nature, please dress appropriately. Certain items of attire are both required and prohibited, (Please see equipment list).

All equipment is subject to inspection, including your firearm and ammunition. If they do not conform to the required standards you will not be allowed to participate with those items and no refund will be given. So please, adhere to the stated requirements.

Safety is Everybody’s Responsibility:
Any training in the use of force contains an element of risk. Your enrollment in our courses demonstrates an understanding of this. You are going to be participating in some dynamic exercises, designed for the “real world” use of firearms for self defense. It is your responsibility to behave in a safe and courteous manner and follow the rules. Safety is not just the responsibility of the Top-Gun instructors and staff. It is everyone’s!

Our courses require limited physical activity. However, we encourage such activity only within the capabilities of the participant. Should you have a pre-existing condition which precludes or limits your participation in any drill or exercise it is your responsibility to inform us in advance. Additionally, it is your responsibility to inform us should you become injured or if you do not feel comfortable, or confident, about participating in a particular exercise or drill.

For those of you who have experienced only “recreational” or “sport” shooting, firearm safety will take on a new meaning. We call it Tactical Firearm Safety. This approach is specifically designed for controlling firearms in stressful situations and in a public environment. Learn it! Follow it well! And you’ll be fine.

Upon arrival DO NOT remove any firearm or ammo from your vehicle. We will instruct you on when and how to produce the items for inspection. Please review the following rules and conditions.

Safety is Everybody's Responsibility!
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