Equipment Requirements

Equipment Requirements & Specifications:
Nothing is more frustrating than a gun which fails to function properly. Be sure your gun is clean and in good working order. Your firearm will be inspected. If it is in disrepair or poses a safety hazard due to age or alterations it will have to be replaced before you will be allowed to participate.
ALL student ammo is subject to inspection and approval. Please read the ammo restrictions and requirements!
A. Firearm Requirement:

A. Firearm Requirement:

1. Handguns: All handguns must be “stock” as is typically carried by police, security or CCW holders. No “race”, “match” or “cowboy” guns etc. They should be of a major caliber, (.38—.45) and manufactured by a reputable company, (Glock, Sig, Berreta, H&K, S&W, etc.). A minimum of 3-magazines or 2-Speedloaders is required. These should be practice items as they are subject to a significant amount of abuse during the training process.

Holster/Support Equipment: You do not need a holster for Pistolcraft-110, but it can be used for transport. Holsters, magazine & speedloader pouches etc. are required for the other pistol courses and the transition drills in the shotgun/rifle classes. Law enforcement and security MUST replicate their duty gear. All others, bring what you have so long as it is NOT a shoulder holster, ankle holster, fanny pack or some other ridiculous contraption. ONLY certain clients in the advanced courses are allowed shoulder/back-up rigs. A flashlight is needed for the Reduced Light course.

2. Shotguns: Our shotgun courses are designed for law enforcement/military style shotguns; not sporting guns. Either a pump-action or autoloading shotgun will do, so long as the barrel does not exceed 20-inches. A full shoulder stock is required, either fixed or collapsible. No “pistol grip only” shotguns will be allowed. A sling is highly recommended. A method of securing extra ammo on your person or on the gun is recommended. Open top trap/skeet pouches will not do.

3. Patrol / Urban Rifle: These courses are designed for the semi-automatic, magazine fed rifles in caliber .223 through 7.62x39, although many pistol-caliber rifles do just fine. Leave the cowboy and hunting rifles at home. You should have at least three, 10 round detachable magazines and a belt mounted carrier system. The rifle must be of legal dimensions with a barrel not exceeding 20-inches. Only iron or red-dot/ACOG sight systems are acceptable. No Optical aiming devices. A sling is highly advisable and there are strict ammo restrictions.

B. Ammo Requirements/ Restrictions:
The amount of ammunition needed for your course is specified in the course descriptions. The amount actually shot may vary due to class flow. Basically, there are several restrictions:
1. NO HOME RELOADS OF ANY TYPE! Ammunition must be factory new or commercially re-manufactured.
We shoot a lot of steel targets, these types of ammo cause injuries and destroy our targeting systems AND may be a fire hazard.
C. Clothing / Additional:

NO SHORT PANTS! Loose fit trousers only! A good belt, sturdy footwear, high neck shirts, baseball style cap. Jacket, sweatshirt, rain gear as weather requires.

  • Ballistic vest for those who wear them.
  • A vest/light jacket for those who carry concealed.
  • Knee & Elbow protectors, (recommended).
  • Sun block & Insect repellent.
  • Water and Lunch goodies as you desire.
  • Notebook and pen.
NOTE: You will not be allowed to participate, nor given a refund should your firearm, support equipment, ammunition or clothing fail inspection and/or break down during the course. We do not offer on site gun repair.
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