Rules & Conditions

General Rules & Conditions
1. Do not remove any firearm from its case or holster unless specifically instructed to do so.
2. Be on time!
3. Follow all instructor’s and range officer’s directions.
4. All firearms, ammunition and clothing are subject to inspection and approval.
5. No refunds of any kind are given for any reason.
6. All accounts must be paid in full before the end of day-1 of class.
7. If there is a specific shooting or written exam, you have only two attempts to pass.
8. You will be required to help with range clean-up each class day.
9. Place all trash and debris in designated containers.
10. We are not responsible for any broken, lost, stolen or forgotten items.
11. All shot brass remains the property of the range.
12. Follow the tenets of Tactical Firearm Safety at all times.
Class Room Rules:
1. Do not remove any gun from case or holster.
2. No live ammo in classroom or lecture area.
3. No eating during lectures.
4. Bring all handouts, class supplies and/or assignments to class each day.
5. Remain seated during lectures. Periodic breaks will be given.
Safety Equipment:
1. All participants and observers are required to wear hearing and eye protection.
2. Eye protection must be safety rated, with side shields/protectors. No standard sunglasses are allowed.
3. Please adhere to clothing requirements.
4. A limited amount of hearing and eye protection is available. Students should bring their own.
Wildlife & Snakes:
Wildlife are not to be shot, fed, harassed, harmed, mutilated, collected, transported or killed. Rattlesnakes are indigenous to the area. Be watchful! Only range staff may kill them.
Lead Contamination:
Lead can pose a significant health risk to those who shoot or handle firearms. Top Gun is an outdoor facility which greatly reduces those risk. However, we recommend you adhere to the following precautions.
1. Do not eat on the range.
2. Wash you hands with cold water and soap before eating.
3. Do not collect spent shell casings in your hat.
4. Be aware of contaminants on your clothing.
5. Take a cool shower/shampoo after each training day.
6. Use rubber gloves and a mask when cleaning firearms.
7. Clean the firearm in an open ventilated area.
Firearms in Hotels & Campgrounds:
Be discrete when carrying the gun. Do not dry fire the gun. Keep it secure. Be aware that you are liable for negligence and possible criminal prosecution should someone gain access to your firearm.
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