Tactical Pistolcraft

TG-LC Ladies Handgun Course
This course is just for women. The TG-LC Ladies Course is dedicated to training women in the fundamentals of safe gun handling. Topics include:
• Handgun Safety on the range and in the home.
• How to select a handgun
• Transportation and Storage of firearms
• Stance, grip, sighting (alignment & picture) and trigger control
Students will fire approximately 200 rounds of ammunition on various types of targets under the guidance of our Law Enforcement Certified Instructors. This course is similar to the TG-110 course, but is for women only.
1-Day / 200-rnds* ammo / Tuition = $150.00
11/6/2021 - 11/6/2021
12/5/2021 - 12/5/2021
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