Tactical Shotgun Training

Shotgun 210
Our Tactical Shotgun courses provide a comprehensive and practical approach in the operational functions and tactical application of the Shotgun. These courses are open to both pump action and autoloading shotguns with a barrel not in excess of 20 inches.

Covers all aspects in the selection and operational characteristics of the law enforcement / military style shotgun and introduces a variety of techniques necessary for the operation of the shotgun under survival stress conditions. Also covered in this course are Load Selection and Patterning, Sight Applications and Target Zoning at close and medium range distances, Carry & Deployment Positions and Sustained & Select Loading Techniques. Integrated into this process are several tactical skills including Situational Awareness and Evasive Movement. No prior formal training is required for this course.
1-Day / 100-rnds Birdshot / Trap Load, 15-rnds #00-Buckshot & 15-rnds Slug.* / Tuition = $150.00
Shotgun 220
For those who have had prior documented formal shotgun training, such as completion of a Police Academy program and/or our Shotgun-210 class. Using the same integrative techniques of our #210 course, we now add to the participants list of skills Close-Quarter-Battle, Extended Range Applications, Stress Reloading, Malfunction Drills, Multiple Targets at varying angles and distances, Alternative Shooting Positions, Dynamic Movement, Handgun Integration Drills and Stealth Cover Tactics. NOTE: you will need your personal handgun and support equipment if you wish to participate in the handgun transition drills.
2-Day / 150-rnds. Birdshot / Trap Load, 25-rnds #00-buckshot & 25-rnds Slug, 50-rnds pistol.* / Tuition = $275.00 -
By Special Arrangement Only.
Shotgun 230
For those of you more open to mid-week courses. Taking the components of our #210 and #220 courses, we apply them to a 3-day format held Tuesday through Thursday, scheduled once per calendar quarter. We also add the components of Moving Targets, Interior / Exterior Structural Applications and Moving C-Q-B to the 3-day course.
By Special Arrangement only.
Equipment / Ammo Requirements:
*Amount actually shot will depend on course flow and may vary. We have hearing and eye protection however, we do recommend elbow and knee protectors.
10/26/2024 - 10/26/2024
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